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Rob Ford Songs: Embattled Toronto Mayor Inspires New Musical Sub-Genre

9 Songs About Rob Ford

UPDATE: On November 5, 2013, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine about a year ago.

Current Toronto mayor Rob Ford is a mighty divisive figure in the city's political scene right now and the many, many headlines he's been generating lately help explain why.

But while stories like "Man Tied To Alleged Rob Ford Drug Video Arrested In Alberta," "Toronto Mayor's Aides Quit Amid 'Crackstarter' Controversy" and "Did Rob Ford Know And Lie About Alleged 'Crackstarter' Video?" all make for wonderful watercooler tittering, they ignore one dramatically unappreciated role Rob Ford has played in enriching the romantic tapestry of the city — artistic muse.

The giant statue of Rob Ford's head sculpted out of butter at last summer's Canadian National Exhibition was a good start, but of late — to use a football analogy the mayor would be fond of — it's been musicians who've been taking the ball and running with it.

It seems everyone from Berlin-based art provocateur Peaches to Juno-nominated rapper D-sisive have found inspiration from Rob Ford's big, sweaty personality. The result is what might be a new theme-based musical sub-genre. We've been calling it Gravy Train Music.

We took the best Rob Ford-based songs we've heard recently and collected them for your listening pleasure.

Click the slideshow below to check the songs out.

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