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Rob Ford Spotted In Cottage Country

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was reportedly spotted in Bracebridge, Ont., on Friday.

Photos posted to Twitter show Ford outside some shops in the heart of cottage country.

The Ford family owns a cottage in the Muskokas, somewhere between Bracebridge and Huntsville. Rob Ford has vacationed there during the Pride parade in recent years.

The Toronto Star reports that it has spoken to two people connected to patients at GreeneStone, a rehab centre about a 40-minute drive from Bracebridge.

The two people have told The Star that Ford is a patient, but GreeneStone has not confirmed that the mayor is staying there.

A photo was also tweeted of his car, which matches the license plate of the Cadillac Escalade Ford is known to drive in Toronto.

A local resident told the Bracebridge Examiner that she took a photo with Ford outside a bank around 1:30 p.m. She told the paper the mayor was chatting with others and said rehab is going well.

CP24 reporter Stephanie Smyth tweeted that she spoke to Doug Ford on Friday about his brother's rehab treatment.

CTV reporter Katie Simpson tweeted that she spoke to Rob Ford's lawyer about his appearance in Bracebridge.

The Star reports that GreeneStone allows patients to leave the facility unescorted, depending on the state of their recovery.

In 2011, Now Magazine’s Enzo DiMatteo snapped a few photos of family compound, also known as “El Rancho Grande.”

DiMatteo reported that Doug Ford Jr. is listed as the owner of the residence on the land registry records.

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