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Who Wants A Job Following Rob Ford With A Tuba? (VIDEO)

YouTube/Globe and Mail

Well, this is one way that Rob Ford is creating jobs.

A group called Unethical Hacks put up a Craigslist posting on Tuesday seeking a tuba player to follow Toronto's mayor around for an entire day.

From the posting:

"I'm looking for hire a person to follow Rob Ford around for one day while playing a tuba. Kinda like in this video:

You must be willing to adhere to the following:

- wear a GoPro camera (provided) to document the ensuing antics

- wear a shirt with @UnethicalHacks (provided) printed on the back for the entire day

Price for 8 hours:


You must be able to provide your own tuba. A trombone would also be acceptable."

In what's obviously a dig at Ford's weight, the group was inspired by this clip from an episode of "Family Guy."

Torontoist noted that the stunt likely has less to do with politics than with the group's website, which has humourous tips about hacking your way through life.

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