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Rob Ford Video Copies Out There, Toronto Star's Robyn Doolittle Says

More Copies Of Alleged Rob Ford Video Exist: Toronto Star Reporter

Gawker may have lost touch with the people who have the alleged Toronto Mayor Rob Ford video, but other copies of the footage exist. At least that's what Robyn Doolittle, The Toronto Star's city hall reporter, said in a radio interview Monday.

"My information is that there is another copy of it," Doolittle said on the Dean Blundell Show on 102.1 The Edge.

"Actually, there's at least one other copy, there might be two other copies," Doolittle said. "One is out of the city, and one is somewhere else."

Doolittle is one of three people claiming to have seen the alleged video — along with her Star colleague Kevin Donovan and Gawker's John Cook. The three claim the video, which they said had been shopped around by men seeking "six figures" for it, shows Ford smoking illicit drugs from a glass pipe, which they describe as a "crack pipe." Ford has denied he uses crack or that the video exists.

Doolittle added that the paper is "getting calls from people who have seen it as well."

"It is circulating," she said.

On his weekend radio show, Ford denied the video exists.

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