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Rob Ford Video: Tasha James Pays Tribute.. Of Sorts


Toronto mayor Rob Ford has been under siege as of late.

If it's not allegations of shooting a woman the bird while talking and driving on his cell phone or a nasty row with a certain television comedian in his driveway, it's the unending parade of jokes, all of them at his expense.

Even Woody Harrelson couldn't resist giving the mayor a zing during a Toronto visit, suggesting — jokingly — that he could play the role of Ford in an upcoming movie.

"I like playing anti-heroes, or in this case, a stone-cold villain," Harrelson told NOW Magazine.

Oh, did we mention that U.S. pundit Keith Olbermann took the time to dub Ford 'The Worst Person In The World'?.

If ever there was a need for ray of sunshine in Ford Country.

Say hello to Tasha James, a Toronto-based 'citizen journalist' who, well, in her own words:

I hit the streets and shake the truth out of people. I don't tolerate the pap that passes for TRUTH on the dangerous streets of Toronto and or Timmins as reported by the main stream media conglomerates!

I also do my own hair and wardrobe selection. An I write up my own questions. But I have a asistant Sherrie who holds my stuff.

In this downright effervescent clip, titled Fast Ford Nation, James drops a beat for the mayor — and suggests dropping a few other things.

So, we ask, is this another Rob Ford joke? Or has Toronto's top dog finally found a fanbase? And what a fanbase it is!

'You're the only politician who ignites my ignition,' she sings.

Okay, so there may be a tongue planted loosely in cheek. Why don't you check out this wonderful, strange tribute and judge for yourself?

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