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Rodney Constantine, Newfoundland Suspect, Keeps Facebook Pledge To Turn Himself In

"See you Monday morn !!!!"

A man wanted by police turned himself in to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC), after promising to do so on Facebook.

The police service said in a Saturday post (which is no longer available) that it was looking for 29-year-old Rodney Constantine in connection with warrants for various charges including assault and some traffic issues.

(Screengrab via BuzzFeed)

A user with the very same name responded to the post that day, telling police, "See you Monday morn !!!!," a message that gained almost 500 likes.

The constabulary later responded, "We're open 24/7/365," and that too proved popular with its followers.

Both Constantine and the police later engaged in a back-and-forth in which the force had to explain why it was important for the suspect to deal with the charges in court.

Constantine responded again, CBC reported: "Look just letting everyone know this ain't a joke or intended !!!! I was just been honest about turning in Monday morn that's all !!!!"

And it appears he's a man of his word. The RNC said Monday that Constantine had turned himself in.

RNC spokesman Steve Curnew told BuzzFeed that this isn't the first time a person has contacted police after word spread about them on social media.

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