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Fake Sandstorm Video: Romanian Reporter Says He Didn't Stage Sandstorm (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Adrian Boioglu of Realitatea TV maintains he had no part in staging a sandstorm on TV in Romania, but says he got swept up in a bad joke.

"The guy behind me kicking the sand was the cameraman from another TV station," he wrote HuffPost Canada. "He was behind me so I couldn't see him while I was live on TV."

Boioglu blogged his side of the story earlier this week.

Is that a real sandstorm, or is this Romanian TV reporter just throwing dust in our eyes?

In a report from Realitatea news channel uploaded to YouTube, on-air reporter Adrian Boioglu apparently tried to recreate the poor weather conditions on Romania's Black Sea coast, reported.

"The wind blows with incredible power, there are moments when it is impossible to stand up here," the reporter said while standing in a hail of sand, according to

But viewers didn't buy it, as the cameraman panned to show a man kicking up a storm of his own making.

The reporter and station claim the report was genuine and the cameraman made a "bad joke," reported.

Check out these other head-slapping moments caught on tape:

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