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Ron James Mocks 'Pitbull' Baird's 'Hissy Fits'

You know that timeless rivalry between two warring factions that never seems to end, no matter how many interventions are attempted? No, we're not talking about the Middle East, we're talking about the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. the Montreal Canadiens.

Canadian comedian Ron James weighs in on the classic NHL nemeses in the latest episode of "The Ron James Show," quipping that anyone who remembers when it all began "must put their teeth in a cup." He then compares it to the never-ending strife in the Middle East.

The only person who could possibly quell either dysfunction, he quips, is Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird -- "the partisan pitbull from Nepean ... given to more hissy fits [than a teenager]." (James is being sarcastic, of course.)

Looks like there's no solution to come in the near future, at least from the Foreign Affairs office.

Catch the full episode Monday night at 8:30 p.m. EST on CBC.

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