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Royal Baby Predictions: Historians Make Call For 2013

Researchers from have made a prediction that will make Royal watchers very happy -- suggesting that a Royal baby will be born on August 27th, 2013.

Seems the expert historians there have studied the royal family’s records of births and marriages for the past 100 years, and based on that have calculated that 851 days is the average period between a royal wedding and the arrival of the couple’s first child.

"William and Kate have spoken about their desire to start planning for a family, so make sure that you put the 27th August 2013 in your diaries, we have a good feeling about this one," Rhoda Breakell, head of Genes Reunited, told Metro UK.

As for baby names, Genes Reunited say if it's a girl, it will most likely be Carole, Elizabeth, Mary, Philippa or Victoria, and if it's a boy Charles, George, Henry, James and Michael.

If indeed they're right, we can look for a baby announcement early in 2013 -- and it will sure to become one of the most talked about pregnancies ever.

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