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Russell Crowe In Gander, Newfoundland: A Party For One

Russell Crowe Stood Up In Gander

Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe had a party for one in Gander, Newfoundland this past weekend.

On his way home from Europe, Crowe made a stop on the east coast -- a place he's intimately familiar with after guest-starring on CBC comedy "Republic Of Doyle" -- and let the show's star, Allan Hawco, and Great Big Sea lead singer Alan Doyle know that he'd be pit-stopping in Gander.

Unfortunately, despite the heads-up Crowe gave to his Canadian pals, no one was there to greet him on the Gander International Airport tarmac. Crowe posted this sad-looking tweet:

Then the actor posted another solo tweet, and it looks like he actually made it indoors:

Eventually Hawco and Doyle caught wind of Crowe's tweets, and replied with rejoinders of their own:

Rest assured, there were no hard feelings. Crowe left Newfoundland with a lovely parting tweet.

"Republic Of Doyle" is finishing its run with a two-hour series finale on December 10 on CBC at 8:00 p.m. ET/8:30 p.m. NT.

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