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'Whispering Ryan Gosling' Wins The 2017 Oscar Meme Game

That whisper though.

Ryan Gosling is truly the man of our memes.

During the 2017 Oscars on Sunday, host Jimmy Kimmel pulled the ultimate fan experience and surprised a bus full of Los Angeles tourists by bringing them into the actual ceremony, right in front of the stars.

Looking completely shocked and in awe, the tourists were introduced to Nicole Kidman, Octavia Spencer, Denzel Washington and none other than handsome Canadian star, Ryan Gosling.

And with a selfie-stick in hand, one woman was not only gifted with a handshake by Gosling, but an intimate moment: a whisper.

Seriously, this woman is ALL OF US if we ever had the pleasure of meeting the Gos. Look at her face! She can't even!

And in true Internet fashion, the brilliant interaction became our new favourite meme: Whispering Ryan Gosling.

No one knows what the "La La Land" star whispered into the woman's ear (yet. We're hoping she makes an appearance on "Good Morning America" to spill the details ASAP), but we're sure it could have been two simple words: "Hey girl."

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