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Ryan Reynolds’ Mom Lays Into Chris Hemsworth In Expletive-Laden Trash Talk

Tammy Reynolds tossed some sick burns at Chris Hemsworth for the Marvel fantasy football league.

When it comes to the Reynolds family, the funny apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

That was evident this week, when Ryan Reynolds’ mom Tammy stepped in to help him with a little social media trash talk of a fellow Marvel star.

In a video shared by Reynolds, Tammy lays into “Thor” star Chris Hemsworth at her son’s request.

“Normally I would not talk to my friends like this, but he insisted,” she says.

Tammy then proceeds to launch into heavily censored description of Hemsworth, saying he looks like a “bodybuilder f**ked a platypus.” But after apologizing on behalf of her son, she lays down the sickest burn of all.

“I loved you in Wonder Woman, it was the best!” she says with a smile.

Of course, that was Chris Pine who starred in “Wonder Woman,” not Chris Hemsworth (or Chris Evans or Chris Pratt or any of the other white Chrises in superhero movies these days). Reynolds also cooked up a perfect hashtag poking fun at all of the white guys named Chris in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — #ChrisHevansprine.

The video was part of an ongoing AGBO Superhero League, a charity fantasy football league involving the stars of various Marvel movies and series. This is week 13 of competition and Hemsworth currently sits in sixth place, while Reynolds is in second (behind fellow Canadian icon Simu Liu.)

Hemsworth returned Tammy’s burn with a video featuring his own “dad,” A.K.A. Dan Blacklock, his costumer.

But like many of us, Blacklock just can’t bring himself to say anything bad about the Canadian.

“Top mate,” he says.

We couldn’t agree more.

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