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Ryan Reynolds Vancouver Hit And Run: Paparazzo Faces Intimidation Charges

The Vancouver-born actor had a sore knee and back but was OK to return to filming "Deadpool."

A photographer who allegedly struck actor Ryan Reynolds with his car and then fled should be charged with intimidation, said Vancouver police.

Vancouver-born Reynolds was walking in the secured underground parking lot at the Shangri-La Hotel on Friday evening when he was approached by the paparazzo.

"During the confrontation, the driver struck the victim with his car as he fled the lot," said Sgt. Randy Fincham on Monday. Reynolds, who is filming "Deadpool" in his hometown, had a sore knee and back but was otherwise OK to return to work the next day, said Fincham.

Police located the driver after going through security footage and interviewing Reynolds and witnesses.

Investigators arrested a 52-year-old man from Richmond, B.C. and are recommending charges of intimidation. Under Canada's Criminal Code, intimidation is defined as "compelling another person to abstain from doing anything he/she has a lawful right to do" through violence, threats, or persistently following that person. A conviction carries a maximum prison term of five years.

Rik Fedyck, 52, who was held in custody overnight, told The Province: “All I’m going to say is Ryan Reynolds was not hit by a car." The newspaper reported that Fedyk has had run-ins with celebrities before, including actress Jennifer Aniston's bodyguard.

Fedyk was reportedly also a suspect in a 2010 hit and run involving "Twilight" actor Kellen Lutz, according to CTV News, but no charges were laid.

In 2006, Fedyk and another photographer sued actresses Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson for assault, battery, and defamation. Richards threw the men's laptops off a balcony at River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond after one of them became belligerent, according to E! Online.

The lawsuit ended with an undisclosed settlement.

Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds seemed to be in good spirits after Friday's encounter, replying to a CBC reporter's interview request with a demand to bring back "The Beachcombers," a popular Canadian TV show that aired in the '80s.

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