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Safe Drinking Water: Where You Should And Shouldn't Drink From The Tap

Travellers take note.

Most frequent travellers know where it is and isn't safe to drink tap water, but if it's been a while since you've been on a plane, you might have forgotten. And unfortunately sometimes all it takes is opening your mouth in the shower or a contaminated ice cube to make you very very sick.

Fortunately, in the infographic below, online travel booking company Just The Flight shares where exactly it is and isn't safe to drink tap water for North Americans.

While many believe Europe to have safe drinking water, it really depends on where you are. Places like Portugal, France and Germany are fine, but you might want to stick to bottled beverages when you head to European countries like Ukraine, Romania and Croatia.

In most countries where tap water is considered unsafe your best option might just be a bottle of beer. In South America, Asia and Africa, where tap water is mostly deemed unsafe, the price of beer is just a third of the price of bottled water.

Of course it isn't possible to avoid water on your trip all together so take precaution by buying water bottles with safety seals, treating your water or simply boiling it. When travelling to countries with unsafe tap water it is important to remember that drinking it is only one way to be affected by it. Avoid raw, fresh produce unless it is peeled and avoid ice in your purchased drinks. And don't forget to use bottled water while brushing your teeth and of course keep your mouth closed while in the shower!

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