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Sam And Nia Share News Of Miscarriage In YouTube Vlog

The couple shared an update video on YouTube following their pregnancy announcement days earlier.

YouTube vloggers Sam and Nia Rader uploaded a video on Aug. 8 sharing news with their followers that Nia had had a miscarriage the day before.

The husband and wife had released a video on Wednesday in which Sam announced to his wife that she was pregnant. The video went viral, but was followed by the couple's heartbreaking update on Saturday.

"We were so happy... and you could see in our vlog from yesterday, we were just so overjoyed," Nia says through tears in the most recent video. "And it was like a huge celebration. And then it -- bam -- it just hit us like a bomb."

Nia reaches out to other women who have had miscarriages, saying, "I am mourning with those of you who are feeling this."

"I've never experienced with Sam what I went through last night. We really, for the first time in our marriage and our relationship, grieved together."

"Nia and I mourning together like this has made us stronger," Sam says in the video, "And it's made me appreciate my children more... this morning when I woke up, I loved on them so, so much..."

The couple's video comes after a recent Facebook post in which Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg shared that he and his wife Priscilla were expecting, but had experienced three miscarriages prior.

"Most people don't discuss miscarriages because you worry your problems will distance you or reflect upon you -- as if you're defective or did something to cause this," Zuckerberg wrote. "So you struggle on your own.

"In today's open and connected world, discussing these issues doesn't distance us; it brings us together. It creates understanding and tolerance, and it gives us hope."

In Sam and Nia's video description on YouTube, it says,"The hurt and pain is real. It's something that needs to be talked about and something that requires support from friends and family."

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