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Sanmay Ved, Former Googler, Got Big-Time Reward After He Bought

And he donated it all to charity.

How would it feel to be playing around online and realize that you could buy

Former Google employee Sanmay Ved had that experience last fall when he bought the domain for only US$12, but the tech giant offered him a much bigger cash reward for spotting a security bug.

While Google Domains cancelled the sale soon after it went through, the company was grateful it had happened at all.

Ved wrote on LinkedIn that he was offered a cash reward, which Google doubled when he asked for it to be donated to charity. But at the time, he wouldn't discuss the amount.

"It was never about the money," he told Business Insider.

"I also want to set an example that it's people who want to find bugs that it's not always about the money."

Now the tech giant has revealed in a blog post that it offered Ved $6006.13, which, if you look closely, resembles Google's letters. However, when he said he wanted the money to go to charity, they doubled it.

Ved isn't the only one to be rewarded for uncovering issues with Google. The company paid security researchers more than $2 million in 2015 as part of its Security Reward Programs.

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