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Saudi Arabia Launches First Campaign Exposing Domestic Violence Against Women

'Some Things Can't Be Covered'
King Khalid Foundation

Saudi Arabia has launched its first public campaign against domestic abuse.

The ad features a woman in a black burka with only her eyes revealed — one of them bruised and bloodshot. The powerful photo includes the caption, “Some things can’t be covered — fighting women’s abuse together.”

Run by the King Khalid Foundation, the campaign focuses on raising awareness and finding more legal protection for battered women in Saudi Arabia.

The foundation also says domestic abuse in the country is much more common than reported, and many victims don't receive justice or an outlet for support.

In 2012, Human Rights Watch's World Report noted that Saudi Arabia failed to protect the rights of 9 million women and girls, adding that women in the country were banned from travelling, studying, or working without permission from male guardians. The country is also the only nation that doesn't allow women to drive.

But even with these barriers, the women of Saudi Arabia have seen slow change. In 2011, women were given the right to vote and run in municipal 2015. Just recently, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah announced women he would appoint to the nations’s consultative Shura Council, similar to parliament, according to Time Magazine.

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