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Saving Energy: 15 Ways To Reduce Your Utility Bills

15 Ways To Save Energy And Money On Your Utility Bills
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With Earth Week wrapped up, April always serves as a good reminder on ways to cut back, conserve and make efficient use of the amount of energy we use in our homes.

Dave Walton, director of home ideas at Direct Energy Ontario says while most of us get into a ritual of cleaning this season, it's also time to start thinking about going green.

"While many Canadians begin to undertake tasks such as washing windows and cleaning up the yard, there are often areas overlooked that could use some attention too," he says.

With weather changes, it's also important to note the types of ways you'll use energy differently in the spring and summer. For most, heating systems will be turned off or down, and air conditioners will start running up in summer months.

But saving energy doesn't always mean buying fancy new "green" appliances. There are essentially free things you can do to save money and be eco-friendly. Turning off the water when we brush our teeth, and turning off lights inside and outside the home can cut down costs (slightly, that is), as well as washing your clothes in the evening, and unplugging unused computers and gadgets all help.

Here are Walton's 15 tips on making your home more eco-friendly and how to save a few extra dollars in your pocket:

Install A Programmable Thermostat

15 Ways To Save Energy In Your Home

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