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Sean Mauricette: Using Multiple Talents To Advocate For Youth Empowerment

Sean Mauricette: Using Multiple Talents To Advocate For Youth Empowerment
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With a favorite quote that he often heard from his own mother growing up - "nothing ventured, nothing gained"- Sean Mauricette -- a.k.a.subliminal has ventured in many directions in his young adult life. He has used his talent -- in music, architecture, spoken words -- to inspire the youth of Toronto.

He reflects with me his powerful journey as a powerful advocate and voice for important causes in Toronto.

You have been a very passionate advocate of Toronto's youth?

I have been an advocate for youth ever since I can remember. My professional background is in architecture yet I have deep passion and love is in arts and activism. While growing up I had many people tell me to pick one career path and stick with it. Instead I ventured many roles for myself that I am equally passionate about.

From Beat-Boxing to Music production, from acting to architecture my message has always been one of the same and I relate that to the youth -- "don't be afraid to try new things because you just never know where things can take you or who is watching".

Tell me about your group -- L.I.F.T. (Laying Important Foundations Together)

LIFT is a youth program that I created which stands for -- Laying Important Foundations Together.

It is comprised of a series of workshops, which range from musical production to media literacy seminars, along with a series of customizable motivational talks. The goal is to equip our youth/young adults with the tools necessary to make positive decisions in their young lives. Through this group - I offer one hour motivational speeches to community groups and schools in Toronto.

My motivational talks are typically one hour while the workshops can range from 1.5 hours to 2 weeks. My #1 message is to not be afraid to try new things, be open to opportunity and embrace education, not just in the scholastic form, but by trying to learn something new when you are at home.

You are a graduate of Faculty of Architecture at the University of Toronto.

Indeed - I graduated from the University of Toronto in 2002. The University experience was great for me as it gave me a powerful foundation and wisdom in life. Education also gave me a respected voice in the community to follow in many passions and that is what I often tell the youth that I interact with regularly. Education is power!!!

Share with me some of the things you are currently involved in?

I am currently one of the key facilitators and creators of an after school program in Malvern as well as a Jane and Finch. We created a series of activities that helps teachers; parent and student better understand the root causes of the many shortcomings of life - academically and socially. With consultations of these groups, we create a road map to how they can improve their status in life.

I am also a lead instructor of a multimedia workshop with dynamic youth from the so called priority neighborhood of Jane and Finch. The objective is to explore through the arts: how Jane and Finch is perceived by the media, how it really is and how it should be in the future. Needless to say that the images the participants draw, lyrics they write and videos they produce reflects a powerful image of their own lives.

You are also making a documentary on Sickle Cell Disease. That seems to be an important project for you.

Yes indeed - I am making a short documentary film on it. My goal is to uncover this invisible blood disorder, which afflicts so many people within and especially in the black community. I am self-funding the whole project in tribute to a close friend who has the disease with the hope it can be a learning tool for others.

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