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Secret Beauty Tricks For Youthful Skin And Great Hair (And They're Cheap Too)

Looking in the mirror each morning, you notice that pesky wrinkle or that little bit of acne you wish you could get rid of. But the products are so expensive, you say. Are they really worth purchasing?

Here's some good news: you already have 'beauty products' lying around your house, you just didn't know it -- until now. Your pantry, fridge and even your medicine cabinet contain items that some consider 'secret beauty tricks.'

We've scoured the Internet for great homemade beauty regimens that are inexpensive and easy to use. Are you ready for youthful glowing skin?

Always remember to test these ingredients on a small patch of skin before using them regularly.

Pepto Bismol: Not Just For Upset Stomachs

You might be a little weary about coating your face with this stomach relief aid. But if you want that fresh, J.Lo glow, a little bit of this pink liquid can reportedly go a long way.

According to Diane Irons, a beauty expert and author, Pepto Bismol contains salicylic acid and is a cheap alternative to beauty products that have the same ingredient, which is know to keep skin clear.

She says to coat the face, let it set for a few minutes and then wash it off. "Your skin will have a mega-glow that shines through even after you put on your makeup," Irons told

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Pepto Bismol: Not Just For Upset Stomachs

Secret Beauty Tricks Revealed

Hold The Mayo -- Put It In Your Hair

Instead of squeezing that little bit of mayonnaise on your sandwich, save it for your hair.

According to Reader's Digest, mayonnaise is the perfect conditioner and moisturiser. All you have to do is treat it like any old conditioner. Massage it into your hair and scalp, leave it on for a few minutes and then shampoo. It's said to give your hair a great sheen.

Don't Drink The Rice Wine...

Want to reduce wrinkles and make your skin smoother? Take a page from the books of the Chinese people of Taiwan who make use of rice wine.

Raycine Chang of Taipei told Best Health Magazine that the residue left over from the rice wine distillation process is used as a face mask.

There's also a japanese line of skincare products which make use of the liquid, called SK-II. It's a favourite of timeless beauty Cate Blanchett.

Potato Power: Reduce Under-Eye Shadows

Who doesn't love homemade potato fries or homemade mashed potato? Now you can add homemade face brightener to that list.

According to, folklore has always been kind to the idea of using potatoes as skin treatments.

If you want to look fresher in the morning, put a raw potato in a food processor, put the pulp in cheesecloth and let it sit over your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. When you wipe away the starchy residue, it'll reveal less prominent under-eye shadows, according to

Tomato Pulp Makes Acne Disappear

If you have pesky acne you want to get rid of, DailyGlow says to try this homemade skincare regimen: Mash a fresh tomato, apply the pulp to your face and leave it on your an hour or more. After that hour has passed, just rinse and moisturize. A week of this daily mask will help your acne disappear.

Honey: More Than Just A Natural Sweetener

Suffering from sunburn? Honey might be the natural solution. Since honey has antiseptic properties Bella Sugar says to pour a half cup in the tub if you're sunburned. Mix in some oatmeal bath as well to calm down irritated skin.

Eat The Rice, But Save The Water

Don't throw out that water you used to clean/rinse your rice. Instead, remove the layer of froth that's formed at the top of the water and apply it to your face. This is what generations of women in East Asian countries (such as Indonesia) have done. According to Juara Skin Care and the Jamu Shop it helps heal acne prone skin, and is also used to whiten and smoothen the complexion.

Tangerine Cream

Tangerines are full of ingredients that help provide moisture and rejuvenate the skin i.e. vitamin C and magnesium. These ingredients are all essential for rejuvenating the skin and for providing it with the proper moisture. If you want to create a tangerine cream follow these simple instructions from

Grind That Coffee

Diva Can Cook creator Monique dishes on her natural skin care regime on YouTube, and one of her tricks includes using coffee grounds as a face and body scrub. According to her -- and her friend who works at a spa -- coffee contains natural ingredients that plumps the skin making it appear less wrinkled, rejuvenated and smooth. If you want to create the scrub, follow Monique's instructions.

Cornstarch: Forget The Gravy

If you have a skin rash and don't want to use baby powder, cornstarch might be the next best thing. For measles and chicken pox, add a large handful of cornstarch in a tub filled with water and bathe. For more detailed instructions, follow eHow's step-by-step tips.

Turmeric: Spice Up Your Skin

This bright Asian spice not only heats up your mouth, it can also help your skin.

Just eating foods that contain turmeric can benefit your skin -- it's said to aid the treatment of acne blemishes and blackheads.

East Indian women use the spice externally as a facial cleanser and exfoliant. Be warned, using regular turmeric can temporarily stain your skin. To avoid that, Multicultural Beauty suggests buying kasturi turmeric. It is not edible and therefore not used for cooking and should only be used externally.

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