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Seth Rogen Wants People To Vote, And Look At His Pottery

The Canadian actor is a dual citizen who's encouraging Americans to exercise their democratic right.

Like nearly all reasonable people with American voting rights, Seth Rogen is encouraging anyone who’s eligible to vote in Tuesday’s presidential election.

But he’s doing it in a unique way: by showing off his pottery.

Yup, you read that right. Even before the pandemic gave a lot of us more time for crafts, the Canadian actor has been getting very into ceramics. (Cue the “pothead” jokes.)

On Tuesday, he posted a close-up video of a vaguely bong-inspired vessel of some kind, maybe a flower pot, with a cracked glaze. The video zooms out, ending on a shot of Rogen holding the piece and nodding enthusiastically.

“I made this,” he wrote. “Please for the love of god vote.”

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I made this. Please for the love of god vote.

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Rogen grew up in Vancouver and regularly reps his hometown, even being the voice of the city’s public transit in 2018. But he’s actually a dual citizen, since his father is American.

“I’ve always been an American citizen, which is very nice because it’s made my life much easier,” he told Australian outlet News in 2013. But he added that “I definitely associate with being Canadian much more than being American.”

Rogen didn’t explicitly say who he’s voting for, but last month appeared at an online fundraiser to raise money for a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate. He’s also publicly trolled the American president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., on many occasions, both on his Twitter feed and via DM.

And shortly after the 2016 election, Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller Rogen hung out with Joe Biden, who at that time was preparing to leave the White House after two terms as vice-president.

It sounds like his pottery habit helped Rogen cope with the stress of the last few years. It actually started with his smoking habits, he told Interview Magazine in December.

“I’m always looking for a little place to rest my joints — a little bed — and I’m always imploring people not to stamp out their joints because it fucks them up,” he said. Ashtrays were easy to make, so that’s what he started with.

He told GQ last spring that he started taking pottery classes with his wife, and really enjoyed the process.

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I made these bottles.

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“There’s something that’s so therapeutic about it,” he told the magazine. “It’s like yoga, if you got a thing at the end.”

He still makes a lot of ashtrays, many affixed with handy joint holders, but has also made some truly impressive flower pots and bottles of different shapes.

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I made these little vases.

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Let’s hope that as many people as possible take Rogen’s voting advice, and that we all find the equivalent of pottery classes to ease our own stress about this year.

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