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Simple Ways To Settle Down At Bedtime

There are nights when your kids head off to bed like perfect angels... and others when it all feels like a bad dream before anyone gets to sleep. From getting a busy child to cool their jets to curbing hunger pangs with a smart snack, we know your nightly routine can be anything but calm.

In partnership with Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies®, here are some simple ways to settle your kids down before bed.

Get them to focus with a phonetic game

Parents know that an overtired kid can also be an overactive kid. If your child is all hyped up, a concentration-based game can help calm them down. After tucking in, suggest playing I Hear with My Little Ear. Getting them to close their eyes and focus on the sounds all around them, like the patter of rain or the whistle of wind, will sharpen their sensory skills while slowing them down.

Bring out their favourite storybook

A child will often act out if they feel they aren't ready for bed, which can result in a noisy tantrum or two. If you start seeing the warning signs of a total meltdown, remind them of an activity you both enjoy. If they like hearing a story before bed, ask them to find their favourite book and bring it upstairs to their bedroom. A soothing voice and a familiar tale can do wonders.

Suggest a simple snack

We all know happy little tummies get to sleep faster. Try to avoid high-sugar after dinner items like cookies or ice cream—odds are they'll be too buzzed to get to bed— and try not to feed them too much. A bowl of Kellogg's® Rice Krispies® is a tasty way to soothe a savage hunger pang. With simply ¾ tsp of sugar per 1 cup (28 g) serving without milk, it's the perfect evening snack.

Power off their play screens

This doesn't mean you can't let them watch an episode of their favourite show after dinner, but the bright screen of a TV or tablet might be stimulating your kids more than making them sleepy. An hour between TV time and bedtime is a simple way to soothe their heads.

Take on a creative activity

Boredom and restlessness go hand-in-hand; a creative activity could tucker out your tikes. As you're winding down, ask them to draw everything they remember from their busy day, or to use their imagination and create a whole new world with their crayons. Once they're finished their masterpieces, hang them up and appreciate your brand new art gallery before going to bed.

Keep a regular schedule

It's great to spice up your kid's life with a variety of daytime activities, but if you're putting them to bed at different times every night, you may find that they'll have some serious sleep troubles. A strict bedtime keeps their internal clocks in check, because a little predictability will go a long way when it comes to getting enough shut eye.

Create a soothing bedtime routine that satisfies the whole family with a bowl of Kellogg's® Rice Krispies®. With simply ¾ tsp of sugar per 1 cup (28 g) serving without milk, it's the perfect evening snack.

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