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The More Sex You Have The More Money You Earn, Study Says

Having more money means having more sex — and vice versa, scientists say.

In the video above, DNews reports that people who have sex two to three times per week had a four to five per cent higher salary compared to those who weren't getting it on as often.

And being healthy helps too, Cambridge News reports.

Dr. Nick Drydakis of Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge says of the group surveyed, those with heart problems were 11.4 per cent less sexually active, but despite their health problems, those who continued to have sex on a regular basis still reported higher wages than those who had sex less often.

But is it the additional sex that leads to extra dollars or is it the money that motivates more sexy time? In a press release for the university, Drydakis says there are a number of factors that affect your sexual activity both positively and negatively — but according to Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory, happier individuals tend to be more successful in their work, which leads to higher wages. Not surprisingly, researchers say sex is rated as the activity that produces the single largest amount of happiness.

Watch the video above to learn more reasons why these correlations exist. Do you think having more money leads to more sex or do you think having more sex puts you in the position to earn more? Let us know in the comments below.

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