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Sex Tips: 11 Ways Busy People Can Have More Sex

11 Sex Tips For People Who Are Way Too Busy To Have Sex
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In theory, the colder weather is the perfect excuse to snuggle with your sweetie under a blanket, but if you can’t imagine when you’d have the time for all that unproductive cuddling, you’re not alone.

"The usual advice works — date night, making time for sex, etc.,” says erotica author Kate Allure. “But whenever our lives get busy, especially around the holidays, we tend to drop those things that seem expendable.”

One-third of Canadians are overwhelmed about their work often or very often, according to research from the University of Toronto. Another 2012 Ipsos Reid poll found a fifth of Canadians were too busy preparing and organizing for the holidays to actually enjoy the time with family and friends. If we’re all feeling that busy and stressed, it’s no wonder sex can fall to the bottom of the priority list.

The solution? Find a way to make sure sex doesn't feel like an impossible task. These 11 tips will help you find time to get frisky this fall/winter, no matter how busy you are.

Make Any Day Special

Sex Tips For Overly Busy People

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