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Sex Toy Or Dog Toy, Can You Tell The Difference?

Dog toys and sex toys have a lot more in common than you think.

In the video above by College Humor, a group of adults guess which toys have been made for dogs and which were made for couples. From leather leashes to phallic looking squeeze toys, some of these items could go either way. Acting as lifelines, sex toy expert Goddess Eos and playful pooch Pam were on hand to guide the guessers to the right answers.

And it's not just this group of employees who are getting mixed up between the two types of toys. In 2014, the Daily Dot rounded up eight dog toys found on Amazon that looked a lot like the type of toys you'd find in an adult store.

But before you go scanning through Amazon to test out something meant for Fido on yourself — or trying to DIY a dildo — check out these tips to find the best toy for you.

Watch the video above and tell us in the comments below, how many did you guess right?


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