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Shirley Anderson, Mom Who Sued Kids For Support, Loses Case

A bitter and long court battle that saw a B.C. mother suing her adult children for support has ended with a judge dismissing the application.

Shirley Anderson, 74, used a little-known clause in B.C. law to demand financial support from her five children, even

though they say she left them when they were teenagers, reported CBC News.

Anderson had asked for $750 a month in support, reported The Province.

Anderson actually won a ruling awarding her $10 a month from each child but she appealed that decision, reported CTV News.

On Wednesday, Supreme Court Justice Bruce Butler dismissed the lawsuit entirely, saying: "While I cannot conclude that the claimant abandoned her children, I can conclude that she did not nurture or support them as children. She was ready and willing to leave them to the care of others when it suited her purposes."

The lawsuit was based on a rarely used section of the B.C. Family Relations Act that says adult children are responsible for supporting parents who are "dependent on a child because of age, illness, infirmity or economic circumstances."

In 2007, the B.C. Law Institute recommended repealing the section.

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