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Shomi And CraveTV: What's Good In February 2016?

The services are now available for all Canadians.

Move over, Netflix Canada. There's a new game in town.

Canadians now have access to streaming services Shomi and CraveTV, regardless of whether you have a cable package or not.

And both have plenty of great titles coming out this month.

One of CraveTV's best offerings is "The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst," an HBO documentary series about an eccentric member of a wealthy New York real estate family who's been suspected of a series of murders.

Helmed by "Capturing the Friedmans" director Andrew Jarecki, it's a chilling look into a disturbed mind.

Meanwhile, Shomi is carrying season two of "Mozart in the Jungle," the Amazon title that won a Golden Globe for Best TV Series - Comedy or Musical.

It tells the story of an oboe player (Lola Kirke) trying to make it in a New York symphony under the direction of a flamboyant conductor (Gael Garcia Bernal).

And those barely scratch the surface of the TV, movie and family titles on offer in February.


"Treme" (CraveTV)

This HBO series, by "The Wire" creator David Simon, follows the people of New Orleans and how they try to recover their lives after Hurricane Katrina.

"Eastbound and Down" (CraveTV)

This hilarious comedy tells the story of Kenny Powers (Danny McBride), a major league baseball player who moves back to his hometown after his career flames out. Mayhem ensues as his abrasive personality clashes with the people around him.

"The Americans," Season 3 (Shomi)

This FX series features Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and Philip Jennings (Matthew Rhys), Soviet spies pretending to be an American couple during the early '80s.


"Gladiator" (Shomi)

Winner of the Best Picture Oscar in 2001, Ridley Scott's "Gladiator" finds Russell Crowe playing a Roman general betrayed by his emperor (Joaquin Phoenix) and forced to do battle in the Colosseum in order to regain his freedom.

"There Will Be Blood" (Shomi)

Daniel Day-Lewis won the second of his three Best Actor Oscars for the role as Daniel Plainview, an ambitious entrepreneur chasing after oil in the 19th century, in Paul Thomas Anderson's modern classic.

"Jaws" (Shomi)

Steven Spielberg hit the big time on the back of this film, which made people never want to swim in the ocean again. A Great White Shark terrorizes a beach town, and it's up to a policeman (Roy Scheider), a scientist (Richard Dreyfuss) and a hunter (Robert Shaw) to track it down and kill it.

Kids and Familiy

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," Seasons 1 and 2 (Shomi)

"Heroes in a half-shell, turtle power!" Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael return to TV screens for a new generation of fans. Cowabunga!

"The Land Before Time" (Shomi)

There are two moments in animated cinema that are always certain to make people cry: the death of Bambi's mother, and when young dinosaur Littlefoot mistakes his own shadow for his mom in "The Land Before Time." Don Bluth's 1988 classic tells the tale of a brontosaurus who teams up with other dinosaurs to find their way back to their families while being pursued by a fearsome tyrannosaurus.

"The Wizard" (Shomi)

Fred Savage, the star of "The Wonder Years," plays a boy who breaks his skilled video gamer brother Jimmy (Luke Edwards) out of an institution so he can compete at a tournament in L.A. The film introduced audiences to "Super Mario Bros. 3," still one of the greatest games of all time.

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