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'Short Skirts Don't Rape. Rapists Rape' Photo Shares Strong Message

'Short Skirts Don't Rape. Rapists Rape'

"Short Skirts Don't Rape. Rapists Rape."

With a bold statement like this one, it's no surprise this photo is getting viral attention. Sharon Su, a 21-year-old graphic designer from California, says she made the image in less than a minute.

"I typed in the words and didn’t even put in a lot of design effort," she told The Huffington Post Canada. But Su's research behind the image was everything but minimal. After finishing a project on gender equality and victim blaming for a project at the University of the Pacific, she didn't think a written portion was enough.

"There's this underlying idea that when rape happens [a woman] has it coming because of what she was wearing," she said. "It's her fault and a lot of people still say this -- which is why women aren't equal."

And Su's quick turnaround time paid off. After posting the photo on her personal Tumblr site, it was shared over 5000 times and is now being passed around on Facebook.

The image itself, and two others with a similar message, were intended to educate. After finishing her project, Su built a website called "Equality Within Reach."

"The primary purpose of the site was to have all the information I found on one page," she says. Su also built in a section for spreading the word, a special tab just for the fellas and later a collection of three wallpapers users could print out or share online.

"I didn’t think this would be powerful, but there's a lot of power putting [a picture] up."

Check out these other posters by Su and Canada's very own SlutWalk that bring attention to victim blaming and gender equality:

Equality Within Reach

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