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Signs You Grew Up In Vancouver In The '90s

26 Signs You Grew Up In Vancouver In The '90s

The '90s in Vancouver were a heady time, when two of the city's biggest events were sponsored by (gasp) tobacco and beer companies. When you could pet animals and gaze at polar bears at the Stanley Park Zoo. When Science World didn't belong to Telus, and GM Place didn't belong to Rogers.

So if you cheered — and wept — over getting this close to the Stanley Cup, and got the bulk of your sex education from Rhona Raskin on Z95.3, then take a trip down memory lane with us.

Here are 26 signs that you grew up in Vancouver in the '90s:

You shopped here.
Maurice Jassak/
And you ate here.
Bill Brewer/
You spent a lot of time at Johnny Zee's...
Jesse Ferreras/HuffPost B.C.
...and at this place.
Forum Vancouver
You knew this as GM Place.
You took photos of fireworks with a film camera.
You got sunburned watching cars go by really fast at the Molson Indy.
Richard Lam/Canadian Press
... and the crushing disappointment.
Mike Powell /Allsport
And then more disappointment.
Steve Bosch/Vancouver Sun/CP
You listened to (the original) Z95.3 FM.
"I know those trees!"
20th Century Fox/CP
OMG, Mulder's apartment!
Jimmy Thomas/Flickr
And Scully's apartment!
Jimmy Thomas/Flickr
You recognize this logo.
You celebrated birthdays here.
Metropolis at Metrotown Facebook
You held up a lighter and sang along at Lilith Fair.
AP Photo/Robin Weiner
And you used that lighter for a different purpose at Lollapalooza.
Ebet Roberts/Redferns
(Damn, that was a good lineup.)
You went to the opening of the Vancouver Public Library...
Evan Leeson/Flickr
...because it was just so damn cool.
Austin Marshall/Flickr
You phoned in to rant on "Sound Off with Bruce Allen."
Telecaster Guitar Forum
And you listened to "Sex, Lies and Audiotape" with Rhona Raskin on Z95.3.
Our city sure looked different back then...
City of Vancouver/Ryan Griffis Flickr
...but we wouldn't change a thing.
Angelo Verpelli/Flickr


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