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Simple Ways To Transform Winter Skin

Summer’s almost over and it’s time to start rethinking your skincare routine.
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Every Canadian knows that when the temperature drops, one of the first things to feel the winter blues (other than our social lives) is often our skin. If your main complaint is dryness — think itchy, tight, rough and/or flakey skin — rest assured you don’t have to suffer through the season. With small lifestyle changes and simple moisturizing updates, it’s easier than you think to transform dry skin and find lasting solutions.

In partnership with Eucerin Complete Repair, here are six easy switch-ups to temper winter skin.

Lifestyle trick: Say hello to a humidifier

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While it’s nice to keep your home toasty in the colder months, consider how that extra blast of hot air may affect the health of your skin. Heat from fireplaces and heaters that are continually on can be drying and uncomfortable when it comes to your skin. A humidifier helps add moisture back into the air, which may be the simple trick you need to combat dry skin before it begins.

Moisturizing tip: Try a different texture

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Sometimes adjusting your moisturizer for the season is all the treatment you need. A lightweight lotion, that feels perfect in summer, might not do the job come wintertime. Luckily, you can often find the results you love in a cold-weather formula. For example, Eucerin Complete Repair 5% Lotion and Eucerin Complete Repair 5% Cream have the same percentage of moisture-binding ingredient Urea, but in two different clinically-tested textures, a lotion or a cream. The bottom line? Both are great therapeutic options to repair dry, and/or very dry skin.

Lifestyle trick: Shorten your shower (or bath)

Beautiful young asian woman relaxing in bathtub
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Beautiful young asian woman relaxing in bathtub

Nothing beats indulging in some soapy, steamy bath-time come winter, but the truth is those extra-long, extra-hot soaks can wreak havoc on very dry skin. In fact, hot water pulls moisture out of your skin, weakening its protective barrier. What’s more, many cleansing products can have similarly stripping effects. If you already suffer from thirsty skin, those long hot showers can take you from dry to very dry in no time.

Moisturizing tip: Get to know ingredients

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One way to think of the ingredients in your moisturizer is as a team. The synergistic relationship between Eucerin Complete Repair ingredients of Urea, Ceramide-3 and Gluco-Glycerol, for example, means you’re fighting dry skin in 3 distinct ways. Once you recognize the ingredients that work for you, you may even want to find a formulation with higher concentrations. Eucerin Complete Repair 10% Lotion has the same triple-action formula, with higher concentration of urea in comparison to the formula of the Eucerin Complete Repair 5% Lotion, 10% Urea for very dry or extra rough skin.

Lifestyle trick: Exfoliate less

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If you’re anything like us, when our skin is acting up, it’s nearly impossible to think about anything else; picking, prodding and poking become full-time jobs. But in the case of dry or rough skin, overstimulating your complexion with exfoliants or heavy-duty cosmetics used to conceal irritations might only exacerbate the problem. You might even induce dryness and additional flare-ups. When it comes to skincare, remember sometimes less is often more.

Moisturizing tip: Go with a pro pick

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Instead of just grabbing something off the shelf for a quick fix, it’s important to educate yourself about your moisturizing picks. Products with proven clinical results, like Eucerin Complete Repair, offer long-lasting hydration. When you take the time to research your skincare needs, you’re more likely to appreciate the products you choose and stick to your routine.

Don’t let dryness get you down; give your skin the love and time it deserves this winter with the help of Eucerin Complete Repair.

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