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Simpsonized NHL Logos Are Cromulently Funny (PHOTOS)

If NHL Logos Were Simpsonized

You don't often see two of the best things in the world fuse so seamlessly, but that's precisely what a Toronto-based artist has done with hockey and "The Simpsons."

Designer Mark Avery-Kenny at AK47 Studios has just released the "NHL x Simpsons" series, which combines team logos with characters from the longest-running American prime time series of all time.

While all the logos look fantastic, none work better than Avery-Kenny's take on the Philadelphia Flyers, which combines the Broad Street Bullies with Springfield's biggest punks, Kearney, Jimbo and Dolph.

This isn't the first time that Avery-Kenny has combined pop cultural references with sports team logos. Last month, he revealed a series of images that brought video game characters together with NBA teams.

Check out the Simpsonized versions of NHL team logos by AK47 Studios:

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