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Single For Christmas: 10 Best Things About Not Being In A Relationship

10 Best Things About Being Single During Christmas
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You're alone, on a budget and always seem to be too busy...and you couldn't be happier.

There's often a pitying tone attached to people who are not in relationships during the holidays, but we say, why not enjoy all the free time (and food) that's about to come your way? While this time of the year can make some of us feel lonely or upset, having time for yourself is so much better — and let's be real, nobody wants to drag themselves out on a cold night to their partner's friend's party anyways.

Here are 10 reasons why being single during the holidays is the best time of the year. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below.

Christmas Is Here, And Guess What? You Don't Have Time For All Of This
But You're Single And Fabulous, And This Is Why Being Single Is The Best During The Holidays
You look good in everything!
You Don't Have To Buy Someone Else A Gift
Forget the stress, the lineups and the lack of parking spots. We suggest using this time to buy something for yourself — online.
You Don't Have To Fight About Who Goes Where
You never need to have this conversation. Ever.
You Don't Have To Deal With In-Laws
Because they can be horrible, horrible, people. (Sometimes.)
You Don't Have To Deal With Presents You Don't Like
Nobody likes a sour face on Christmas.
More Holiday Food For You...
And all the cookies in the world!
You Can Spend More Time With Your Family And Friends
And do whatever you want.
Save Your Money
Or alternatively you can just blow it on yourself.
You Don't Have To Dress To Impress
Instead of figuring out what to wear for all those holiday dinners and parties, stay at home in your PJs.
You're On Your Own Schedule
You have so much free time, you don't even need a calender.
Stay At Home And Nobody Will Judge You
Catch up on every single TV show people have been talking about all year that you've been too busy to get to.
So Who Cares If You're Single, Happy Holidays!

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