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TikTok Star Chriselle Lim's Daughter Teaches Sister Mandarin In Adorable Lesson

Who needs Duolingo when you have big sisters?

Home schooling during a pandemic is a tough gig for parents, so why not get kids to teach each other?

TikTok star and fashion designer Chriselle Lim did exactly that. She decided to film her eldest daughter Chloé, 5, teaching her one-year-old sister Colette how to speak in Mandarin. As you can imagine, the results are too cute for words.

Colette tries her very best to imitate her big sister and gets fairly close to the correct wording.

“Are you happy?” Chloé says in Mandarin.

A long, drawn out “Happy” is Colette’s enthusiastic reply.

Some words were harder than others; when Chloé said “mercy,” Colette simply hummed the sound of her big sister’s words.

The young pupil still has a long way to go, but Colette aces one of the most important aspects of language-learning: speaking with the proper inflection and tone. In this case, answering her big sister with plenty of gusto.

Lim is learning alongside her daughters, in order to better connect with their roots. Given that May marks Asian Heritage Month, it’s a well-timed activity for her family and involves more quality time together than a Duolingo session would.

For parents in the same boat as Lim, she recommends interactive books, such as the phrase helpers by publisher Habbi Habbi.

“Language and having the girls learn about their culture is super important to us,” she wrote on Instagram, adding that she imagined her daughters would speak behind her back in Mandarin.“So I’ve been determined to learn myself!!”

When they’re not hitting the books, Lim and her fellow classmates know how to kick back. The trio have made hearts melt with many of their at-home antics and strong sibling bonds.

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