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The Secret To A Good Night's Sleep Is Hidden In Your Bedroom Decor

Tranquil bedroom
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Tranquil bedroom

Whether you sleep too much or sleep too little, it's the quality of sleep that counts.

After all, sleep has been linked to weight loss, a stronger immune system and a higher sex drive. But still, Statistics Canada felt the problem was compelling enough to issue a report on it in 2005, saying Canadians are struggling with sleep.

But if you're hurting, at least you can try to get some relief in an aesthetically pleasing way, as U.K. retailer has teamed up with designers NeoMam Studios to create a simple illustration of facts and tips to help you rest better.

Echoing the words of experts, the chart stresses the importance of turning off your tablet before getting into bed and using the bedroom for sleep and sex only.

But the chart also indicates there's more to sleep than taking away the tech. Environment plays a major role in helping you wind down, from symmetry to ceiling fans, cushions to curtains, simply rearranging your bedroom furniture can help you relax your body and mind.

Check out the infographic below for simple tips and tricks that will help your sleep easy.

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