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Sleeping Naked And Cold Is Better For You, Science Finds

The Best Way To Sleep Is Naked And Cold
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There have long been associations between getting a good night's sleep and weight loss, but now a new study has found that sleeping at a very specific temperature can help prevent diabetes.

A study published in the journal Diabetes found a colder bedroom lessens the risk of getting the disease and even helps burn a few more calories during the day, reported the New York Times.

While the sample size was small, just five men sleeping at varying temperatures over the course of four months, the findings do correlate with other research that speaks to the benefits of a cooler room, as well as wearing less clothes to bed.

As Huffington Post Canada blogger Dr. Natasha Turner wrote last year, sleeping naked can help with the release of growth hormones, leading to deeper sleeps, lowered stress, and yes, even more oxytocin if you cuddle up with your partner.

For women, cool air and less clothes or covers can help prevent an overgrowth of yeast and bacteria, according to Cosmopolitan.

But perhaps the best reason to sleep naked is one that comes from you — that is, a feeling of comfort between you and your partner. One survey out of Britain found that those who slept with little or no clothes on felt happiest in their relationships. Perhaps it's time to give sleeping in the buff a try?

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