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28 Smoothie Recipes For Every Craving

Simple and delicious smoothies make the perfect breakfast beverage, afternoon treat and in some cases, a late night snack.

For a healthy smoothie, simply mix together blueberries and kale or for a sweeter treat with a caffeine kick, try an almond smoothie with coffee and banana. Don't like any of these options? Then we also recommend a decadent salted caramel smoothie drizzled with well caramel.

And although smoothies are sometimes viewed as a good way to get your daily fix of fruits and veggies, some doctors and dentists aren't big fans of the trend. According to a 2014 study in the Journal of Pediatric Dentistry, the acidity in fruit smoothies can cling to teeth and damage enamel in the long run.

Whether you prefer your smoothies green or fruity, sweet or salty, thick or runny, these easy recipes will have you sipping your dream drink in minutes. Check out the slideshow below for 28 of our favourite smoothie recipes and let us know what you add to your smoothies in the comments below.

28 Smoothie Recipes
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