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Jimmy Fallon Channels 'Mean Girls' In Playing Trudeau On 'Saturday Night Live'

He and Paul Rudd's Emmanuel Macron are NATO's bullies on 'SNL.'

There were easy comparisons to high school hallways after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was caught on camera appearing to gossip about the U.S. president with fellow world leaders.

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” took that one step further this week in a hilarious cold open sketch where Jimmy Fallon played a snarky, “Mean Girls”-esque Justin Trudeau alongside Paul Rudd as French President Emmanuel Macron and James Corden as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Fallon’s Trudeau and Rudd’s Macron are clearly the popular kids on the military alliance, with everyone else in the NATO cafeteria dying to be their friends and taking their bullying in stride.

Corden’s Johnson is clearly ecstatic just to be invited to sit with them, immediately throwing his friendship with Donald Trump — Alec Baldwin reprising his famous imitation of the president — under the bus.

While Trudeau munches on what appears to be a half-assed attempt at poutine — is that shredded cheese?! — he and his friends compliment Trump’s appearance to his face, while calling him a mess behind his back.

Trump — armed with several cheeseburgers — is shunned and has to sit at the losers table.

To fill that empty seat at their table, Trudeau calls over Kate McKinnon’s German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who like Johnson, is just elated at having her shot to be one of the cool kids.

The ultimate punchline comes when Cecily Strong’s Melania Trump walks on to deliver an anti-bullying message.

In a oh-so-current nod to the now infamous Peloton holiday ad, she encourages fellow housewives to buy themselves an exercise bike: “Are you scared woman trapped inside a mansion? Why not imagine biking away from it all?”

This week’s “SNL” took the opportunity to mention Trudeau more than once. Around the one-minute mark in the video above, “Weekend Update” co-host Colin Jost brings up Trump responding to Trudeau’s “gossip” as “two-faced.” Jost says that Trudeau does in fact have at least two faces, in a reference to Trudeau’s blackface scandal earlier this year.

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