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Snoop Dogg, Idina Menzel Listen To Each Other's Songs For Pandemic Stress Relief

The king of chilling out and the queen of 'Frozen' unite.

If you take “Drop It Like It’s Hot” by Snoop Dogg literally, it’s got a lot in common with Disney’s “Let It Go,” a.k.a. the earworm that parents are probably stuck with forever. Maybe that’s why Snoop gravitated towards the catchy ballad when he, like many of us, was overwhelmed with pandemic stress.

In an Instagram video posted on May 10, the chart-topping Doggfather showed fans how he deals when staying at home is unbearable: he gets into his car and blasts the power vocals of Queen Elsa.

“I had to sit in my car and listen to this shit, man. Let it go,” Snoop said, before leaning back and closing his eyes, the very picture of a person who is coping with this bonkers time as best as they can.

“Let it go,” he repeated. “We’ll be outside soon.”

While the message was very welcome, some were bewildered by the odd pairing. But many rightfully pointed out that being spiritually moved by this song is a universal experience. Obviously only voice actress and Broadway star Idina Menzel can truly convey how much this global crisis sucks.

The musician has given us many relatable moments over the years, such as his reaction to the “Game of Thrones” finale and nature in action. It’s clear that he’s trying to cheer up those just as bummed out as he is: Snoop recently released the single “I Wanna Go Outside,” featuring shots of the rapper bored on the couch, dribbling a basketball indoors, and fantasizing about clubbing.

‘Frozen’ talent adore Snoop’s message

When Menzel herself came across Snoop Dogg’s video, she could relate. The mother of a tween boy, she’s had her fair share of pandemic parenting to deal with.

She filmed herself singing along to one of the pandemic-weary rapper’s biggest hits, with some sweet head bobs thrown in (and a misremembered word or two, but it’s the thought that counts). Legends truly recognize one another.

Disney’s “Frozen” soundtrack is on heavy rotation lately. A Queen Elsa performer and lonely Ontarians are giving the movie’s songs about isolation plenty of airplay. Touched by how their work has cheered up fans during the COVID-19 crisis, the sequel’s composers (who are as obsessed with Snoop’s video as we are) penned a new song for an at-home short film series. “I Am With You,” sung by Olaf’s voice actor Josh Gad, is a special message to lonely kids about connection despite distance.

Hang on in there, everyone!

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