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Snoop Dogg Brought Back His Version Of 'Planet Earth'

Welcome back, Snoop Dogg.

BBC's "Planet Earth" may have been slow to pick up on Snoop Dogg's animal commentary prowess, but that's fine. Snoop has reprised his role as nature show narrator for his own web series "Planet Snoop," just for his animal- and cannabis-loving fans.

The rapper and marijuana enthusiast first made his mark on the nature documentary scene on Jimmy Kimmel's parody "Plizzanet Earth," but after the segment faded away, more than 65,000 fans took to to demand a full season on the official series. Even Snoop was here for it.

Now, a couple months later, "Planet Snoop" has premiered on Merry Jane, the cannabis-focused pop culture site the rapper co-founded with Ted Chung.

A squirrel and snake face off for the show's first installment. At first, Snoop puts it up as an easy win for the snake, but once the squirrel proves a scrappy contender, he muses: "If he can bust a nut, you know he can bust a snake head open, no problem."

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