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World's Largest Snow Maze Now Open For Pandemic Visitors In Manitoba

It's 91 per cent bigger than before.

Manitoba is home to the world’s largest snow maze — and due to pandemic safety protocol, the frosty destination is now bigger than ever.

“A Maze In Corn” in St. Adolphe, Manitoba, which earned a Guinness world record in 2019 for its unprecedented size, re-opened last weekend with a major renovation: its owners expanded the winter wonderland by 91 per cent, CBC reported, nearly doubling the maze in size. Watch the video above to see visitors wander the amazing attraction.

The icy structure’s upgrade puts it at 240,000 feet, leaving plenty of room for Manitoba residents to stay six feet apart from others within the outdoor venue. A good thing too, as the province has relaxed COVID-19 restrictions in response to declining case numbers.

Considering how many of us are still cooped up at home, getting lost in a gigantic snow maze sounds like a dreamy way to spend a couple of hours.

While the towering walls keep arctic winds at bay, visitors are encouraged to dress warmly and bring sleds to lug kids around, for when they inevitably get too tired to walk. Hot cocoa is on sale, to add to the winter cheer.

Unlike in other famous labyrinths, encountering the dreaded COVID-19 virus — and not, you know, a terrifying minotaur from Greek mythology — is the only thing visitors should worry about.

Luckily there are plenty of safety rules in place: Face masks are mandatory, tickets per household are limited, and hand sanitizer will be available for visitors, the maze’s website states.

And if you’re a prospective maze adventurer afraid of getting lost (or experiencing “The Shining” IRL), no need to reach for a magical spool of yarn. You can peer at handy aerial shots from your phone while navigating the dead ends, twists and turns.

If you’re lucky enough to live close to St. Adolphe, have fun!

Sincerely (and with no small amount of envy),

The rest of the world.

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