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U.S. Olympic Team Keeps Adopting Dogs In Sochi

All dogs go to heaven, or in this case, go home with members of the U.S. Olympic Team.

First it was freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy winning hearts by announcing he was adopting a litter of puppies from the Russian city.

Kenworthy's actions were spurred on by reports that officials in Sochi were planning on killing the many strays in the area.

The skier's example seems to have inspired others on the U.S. Olympic team too. Goalie Ryan Miller has taken a shine to these puppies found near his dorm.

And when teammate David Backes isn't going after Canadian hockey players, he also seems to love nothing more than cuddling with puppies. In fact, Backes helped start the charity Athletes for Animals last year, which advocates responsible pet ownership and adoption.

Our absolute favourite dog adoption story of the Games, however, must be from U.S. Olympics press officer Amanda Bird, who fell in love with some of the dogs of Sochi because she missed her Australian Shepherd puppy, Sammy. Bird said she and a co-worker are talking to a Russian shelter to find a dog to take home with her to Tennessee.

“I’d like to take an older dog because those are the dogs that usually aren’t adopted. Everyone up here will adopt a puppy," she told USA Today.

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