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Social Farting vs. Social Smoking: New Anti-Smoking Ad Draws Funny Comparison (VIDEO)

If you fart with your friends does that make you a farter?

It seems like an obvious answer, but this is exactly what Ontario's Ministry of Health is trying to uncover in a new tongue-in-cheek anti-smoking ad.

"Just because I fart at parties now and then, it doesn't make me a farter," the actress in the ad quips. Of course, this isn't an ad for flatulence but part of the province's anti-smoking campaign "Quit The Denial."

The ad, created by advertising agency BBDO Toronto, is a lighthearted approach to getting 'social smokers' to butt out. It's a different approach from the usual anti-smoking ads filled with wheezing cancer patients or pictures of diseased hearts and lungs.

"Social farting is as ridiculous as social smoking," the companion Facebook ad says. The page also offers links to resources on how to quit smoking.

As part of the same campaign, BBDO also created an ad about "social nibbling" (you can watch it below) but we find this ad a bit more hilarious.

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