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Solar Flare Sculpture In Downtown Calgary Brings Golden Hour To Darkest Winter Days (PHOTOS)

Unbelievable Sun Sculpture Is Almost As Good As The Real Thing

They've worked with thousands of little lightbulbs, but this time around Calgary artists Caitlind r. c. Brown and Wayne Garrett are going big.

The light artists, known around the world for their gorgeous and inspired works of illuminating art, have done it again, lighting up a portion of downtown Calgary with a massive tribute to the sun.

Solar Flare has been hanging above the 200 block of Stephen Ave. in the heart of Calgary's downtown core for the last month, bolstered by more than 6,820 pounds of concrete to keep it suspended.

Solar Flare is constructed from fibre optic rays and lit by a single large light bulb. The effect is similar to the sun at 'golden hour' - the time just before sunset when the sun's rays split and cast everything is a warm, golden light.

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Solar Flare In Downtown Calgary

As well, two motion sensors trigger the sculpture to shimmer in patterns. The shimmering effect is always changing and different, it's pattern shifting as the sensor is triggered.

Commissioned by Downtown Calgary, the sculpture aims to "artificially prolong 'golden hour' into the longest and coldest nights of the year."

"We know that the short days and long, cold nights of the winter can make going outside a less-than fun experience, so we hope that the sculpture will inspire Calgarians to come downtown and bring their friends and family to enjoy the sculpture and explore Downtown Calgary in the same way they do during the warmer months."

Solar Flare comes on the heels of another interactive light sculpture Brown created in 2012 for Calgary's first-ever Nuit Blanche. A massive hit with the crowd, 'CLOUD' featured thousands of recycled lightbulbs, which visitors could turn off and on with the attached pull-strings.

Check out more amazing images of Solar Flare, as captured by Calgarians.

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