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'Sport Doesn't Care' Ad Takes You Inside The Lives Of Paralympians (VIDEO)

As the Paralympics run from March 7 to March 16, televisions around the world will be featuring the accomplishments of these global athletes. And as the video above shows, it's hardly their disabilities we should be focusing on.

In this ad, created by 72andSunny and Samsung for the Paralympic Games, international competitors demonstrate that the biggest challenges in their days are the same ones any athlete goes through in training: cold, wind, rain and equipment that doesn't work when you want it to.

The slogan behind the campaign — "Sport Doesn't Care" — echoes the same sentiment demonstrated by the Canadian Paralympic committee with its "It's What's There" campaign.

Meanwhile, 72andSunny and Samsung are looking to the next generation of athletes as well. Check out Keira's video for a look at how a Paralympian's journey could well be starting:

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