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Sports We Played As Kids That We're Reviving

Rediscover your inner child and take part in these activities we played as kids. From the AOL Partner Studio.
London, England.
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London, England.

Think back to your time in elementary school and all the fun we had on the playground. We were wild and free and did some exceptionally fun things. Whatever happened to that?

As we grew up, many of us dropped the ball (literally and figuratively) and lost the zest for life we once had. A twinge or two of pain from sore, over-exerted muscles or joints got in the way of us attending basketball practice, and work became an excuse for cancelling Friday night fun with friends.

In partnership with Motrimax™ 12-Hour Liquid Gels, we’re inspiring you to rediscover your inner child. Whether your thing is dodgeball or rock climbing, Toronto has a wide variety of facilities that help you get back to your active lifestyle. Take part these activities we played as kids and remember -- age ain't nothing but a number!

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If you want to duck a few balls, then throw them at your opponents like we did in gym class, sign up for a dodgeball league through Toronto Dodgeball, the Toronto Sport and Social Club or the National Leagues. Short-shorts required.
Jungle Gyms
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It’s officially called “the first fully indoor obstacle course training centre” but Pursuit OCR takes the monkey bars and jungle gyms of your childhood and turns them into a fitness program. Let loose your inner child and test the strength of your grip.
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Whether it’s frisbee, ultimate frisbee or the slower frisbee golf; throwing and catching a disc can be a great workout. If you’re interested in a no-contact team sport, Toronto Ultimate has ultimate frisbee leagues. Work as a group to pass a frisbee amongst teammates and score in an opponent’s end zone. The City of Toronto also has a list of places that offer frisbee golf, a precision sport that requires you to make it through a course and hit targets in the fewest number of throws.
BMX Biking
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If you’re of a certain age, you probably had a BMX bike at one time and jumped off a few ramps or stairs in your heyday. If you want to feel that rush again, there is a BMX park in Toronto called Sunnyside Bike Park you will love.
Roller Skating
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You might not be ready for roller derby but if you want to strap on some skates, then Toronto has a few places you can roller skate through like Scooters or Coachlite Roller Gardens. Oh, the good ‘ol days!
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Unlike the ‘70s, you’ll have to wear a helmet when you’re on a skateboard in this decade -- safety first! If you’ve got a good sense of balance and just want to get on a board, you can drop in at a skateboard park across the city.
Tree Climbing
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Want to climb a tree? Then book some time at Tree Top Trekking where you can climb trees and zipline between them.
Jump Rope
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Ready for some double-dutch? If you were a good skipper, why not grab the ropes again? Skipping is great cardio and increases your heart rate. While most facilities cater to kids, there are a few places in the city that offer adult jump rope classes. Try Get Fit Toronto, which has a Skip Fit class.

The active lifestyle we had when we were kids can be yours again with Motrimax™ 12-Hour Liquid Gels. Motrimax™ 12-Hour Liquid Gels provide quick, effective and long-lasting relief from joint pain and pain from inflammation so that you can rediscover your favourite activities from your youth!

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