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Squirrels Have Attacked Seniors, A Politician, Delayed Trains And Who Knows What Else

The rodents have attacked seniors, caused a serious bike accident and even delayed voting.

Bugger off, squirrels.

The tiny pests have been causing quite the ruckus lately, though it probably just seems that way to us because we've been reading a lot of crazy stories. They probably do this all the time.

But in the span of less than a month, they have caused a lot of damage, literally and even politically.

At the end of October, a squirrel forced voters in Miami County, Ohio to use paper ballots after it halted early voting by causing a power failure that lasted almost eight hours.

Just days later, a squirrel wreaked havoc at Sterling Court Gracious Retirement Living in Florida after it latched itself to the leg of a woman who was sitting outside. It then attacked a few other people after she ran inside for help.

Four days later at the same complex, an 85-year-old woman fell and broke her wrist while trying to ditch the critter, according to Fox 35.

A staff member grabbed a BB gun and killed the squirrel in that incident.

No word on whether it was the same one that attacked people a few days before.

Other residents told FOX 35 they’ve had run-ins with one of the rodents.

And the squirrel mayhem isn't just limited to the U.S.

Last week, train service in England was delayed after a pet squirrel got away from its owners on board one train and became trapped behind a grill underneath a seat, according to Kent Online.

The squirrel’s owners refused to leave it behind, leading the railway to divert the train back to its original location to ease the disruption to other services.

And finally a Chicago alderman (a city councillor) was seriously injured after a squirrel got stuck in the wheel of his bike.

Howard Brookins Jr. lost several teeth, fractured his skull and broke his nose.

He had previously spoken ill of "aggressive squirrels", according to the Chicago Tribune, saying they were damaging the city's garbage cans.

"I can think of no other reason for this squirrel's actions than that it was like a suicide bomber, getting revenge," he told the Tribune.

Who knows what else the previous victims did to provoke a squirrel’s anger.

Maybe we should put more effort into learning their language. It could save our lives.

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