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Barbie Releases Stylish ‘Star Wars’ Dolls Of Rey, Chewbacca

Hot Chewbacca is now a thing.

Baby Yoda face masks have you craving more “Star Wars” merch to get you through these strange times? Mattel is blessing the franchise’s die-hard fans with a new line of dolls serving looks ready for any runway or lightsaber duel.

Jedi-loving Canadians can now pre-orders Barbie’s Galactic Gift Set, which retails for approximately $388 CAD and includes haute couture interpretations of Rey, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and a blonde Stormtrooper.

Each doll is available individually, at truly out-of-this-world price-points for anyone but devoted collectors and fashion devotees: the dolls sell for $139, with the exception of Chewbacca who racks up an additional $50.

Many adore the dolls’ stunning attention to detail, such as Rey’s chiffon gown and glamorous updo.

C-3PO turns heads from all angles and is rocking a golden eyeshadow look under her shades.

It’s easy to see why the Wookie-inspired stunner costs a pretty penny, from her fur details and accessories.

And some suspect there’s a Canadian television icon secretly represented by the Stormtrooper doll.

Designer Robert Best is to thank for the designs; his muses came from the franchise’s concept art, Best told Instagram followers.

The doll genius is also to thank for Barbie’s 2019 Star Wars collaboration, which featured a Darth Vader Barbie who that exudes very Miranda Priestly vibes.

Maybe an edition of Natalie Portman’s sharply dressed character Padmé is in store for next year?

Or haute couture Baby Yoda? Just anyone but Jar Jar Binks, please and thank you.

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