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Stephen Harper: Calgary Is The 'Greatest City' In Canada (VIDEO)

WATCH: Harper Says Calgary 'Greatest City' In Canada

Stephen Harper was born in Toronto, lives in Ottawa, but thinks Calgary is the "greatest city" in Canada.

The Prime Minister made the comments on Friday at the the kickoff parade for the Calgary Stampede. You can see the part of the speech in question in the video above.

"I think that if the [Stampede's] founders could be here today and see the great city, see what has built up around this event, they would be amazed. They would be amazed to see that their Stampede has been part of giving birth to the greatest city in the greatest country in the world," Harper said.

The PM is the MP for Calgary Southwest and built his political machine in Alberta in the days of the Reform Party.

However, for all the praise Harper has heaped on his adopted home, the city may not be returning his affections.

Just last month, readers of Calgary magazine Fast Forward Weekly named the Prime Minister best local villain and most embarrassing citizen.

Many of Canada's political leaders are at the Stampede, taking the opportunity to do some public relations work while the House of Commons is on break for the summer.

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau, interim Liberal leader Bob Rae and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May have made appearances and NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair will arrive in the city on Thursday. He won't, however, be meeting with one of the Stampede's most visible faces: Alberta Premier Alison Redford.

While Harper's visit to Calgary has garnered plenty of media attention, his comments on Calgary's pre-eminence in Canada haven't. While his BBQ and appearances have made headlines, only the website OpenFile dedicated an article to the comments.

Perhaps the rest of Canada has just grown accustomed to the PM's special love for Alberta and its largest city.

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