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Stephen Harper Doesn't Drink Alcohol, Except When He Does (PHOTOS)

'I Don't Drink Alcohol'

Stephen Harper has made his distaste for marijuana clear and now he's touting his teetotalling too.

At an event last week at which he cracked jokes about Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's plan to legalize pot, the prime minister said "I don’t drink alcohol, but I have lots of friends who do," according to The National Post.

Harper's claim to abstain isn't exactly backed up by the photographic record (see below).

"I like to tell people I was offered a joint once, but I was too drunk to smoke it," Harper joked.

That's the sort of quote the prime minister may not want to see back in the news in light of the heavily-circulated photo of Peter MacKay drinking from a beer bong that surfaced after the justice minister slammed Justin Trudeau for admitting he smoked marijuana while serving as an MP.

This isn't even the first time Harper's drinking has caused a kerfuffle. The prime minister got himself into trouble with at least one Irish politician earlier this year for choosing to be photographed imbibing at the Guinness brewery.

So, while Harper's asthma may have precluded the PM from experimenting with pot, it seems that, despite his claims to the contrary, the PM has done plenty of experimenting with alcohol. See for yourself below.

Don't Take Him Literally
Because Harper Does Seem To Have A Taste For Beer
Stephen Harper sips on a beer as he plays the piano with a band at the prime minister's official residence in Ottawa Friday, April 22, 2011.
Especially When He's Campaigning
Prime Minister Stephen Harper takes a sip of a pint of beer during a campaign stop at a brewery pub in Halifax, Thursday March 31, 2011.
Or Hanging Out With Young People
Prime Minister Stephen Harper chats with young Conservative supporters at the Victoria pub in Montreal Friday, March 16, 2012 where he stopped in to meet some supporters and have a drink for St. Patricks Day.
Or Settling Scores
Prime Minister Stephen Harper holds a case of Yuengling beer presented to him outside his home by then-U.S. Ambassador David Jacobson Friday March 19, 2010. The beer was part of a wager the Prime Minsiter had with President Barack Obama on the outcome of the Olympic gold medal hockey game which Canada won.
Not Much Of A Fan Of Wine Though
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper waves off a waiter offering to fill his wine glass prior to his speech before the Economic Club of New York, in New York City Wednesday Sept. 20, 2006.
Unless He's In China
Then-Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and Stephen Harper toast during a signing ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on December 3, 2009.
Or Making A Toast
Stephen Harper raises a glass of wine following a toast by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff at a luncheon at the Itaramty Palace in Brasilia, Monday August 8, 2011.
You Know What? Screw It! Let's Do Shots
Stephen Harper has a drink of Caribou, a traditional drink of the Quebec Carnival, during the official opening of the event Friday, Jan. 26, 2007 in Quebec.

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