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Just stop and take a breath before you think about venting.

Having a bad day at work is normal — complaining about it 24/7 is not. And now researchers say your daily vent session might actually be doing more harm than good.

According to a study published in the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, complaining about work only makes you more miserable.

The study, which was conducted last December, looked at the diaries detailing the moods, level of sportsmanship and workday events of 112 employees from various industries for three days in a row. Upon reading the journals, the researchers noticed employees with high sportsmanship levels were less affected by a bad day at work.

Those with low sportsmanship levels were not only more likely to complain, they also tended to stay in a bad mood for a longer period of time.

Being a team player isn't just good for maintaining a positive work environment, it's also better for your mental health.

Of course, bad things happen and you can't always pretend everything is going to be OK. The solution, according to researchers, is being more selective with your words.

"Withholding complaints, at least for a time, may allow employees to more effectively articulate their concerns," the researchers explained, noting that complaining about the event forces employees to relive it, cementing it in their memory as a bad experience.

So the next time something goes wrong at work, stop, breathe and try to move on so it won't put you in a worse mood.

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